Monday, May 26, 2014

Talking Peet

Talking Peet:Once there was a puppy  named Peet, he was  walking by the movie theater, and suddenly one of the letters fell off of the billboard and hit Peet.  When suddenly peet  said ouch! Peet fell over and about fainted when he heard him self say that.  All the people around the movie theater said who was that?  Peet ran into the alley and dived into the dumpster, hiding from the people talking about him.
 Soon the word got out and everybody in town knew about this talking dog.  It was all over head lines in the newspaper and everyone was talking about it.  But poor Peet heard someone saying once they found him they were going to sell him for big bucks.   Peet shoved him more and more into the dumpster.    The next morning peet found himself in a giant cage with a lock on it.   He saw many different animals that he never seen before in this place, like yellow spotted peacocks,rainbow zebras, and even a  purple monkey!       
Then suddenly this girl in a black suit, started grabbing the cages and putting them in the back of her pickup.    Once everyone was loaded in the pickup, she took off.  The next thing they knew was they were in a beautiful room with bright colors and a sign said “ Free at last.”  The girl took of the black clothes and started looking at every animal there was.    She finally got to Peet and said “What do you do?”  Peet said I talk.  The lady fainted and fell over on the floor.    She finally woke and said you are very interesting, and she feed him some dog food and this started to happen every day.  Peet was the lady’s best friend, and they lived happily ever after.

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