Monday, May 26, 2014


Bunny: Bunnies are very interesting animals! There are many kinds of bunnies, the most common is the cottontail bunny. The cottontail bunny lives mostly outside, they eat grass,leaves,flowers,and nearby plants. The most common indoor bunny is the called a loop bunny because his ears hang down. The loop bunny eats many things from what the owner gives them like, Rabbit feed,vegetables,fruits,and other greens. Bunny’s fur can come in all colors like black,yellow,white,grey,silver,brown and even dark red. They have 2 front paws and 2 back paws, they have 5 nails on each paw to protect themselves and bath themselves too. Their back paws help them hop away really fast. The bunny’s tails are very stubby and fuzzy, the bunny’s tail is the same color as its body. Have you ever wondered why rabbits nose moves all the time, well it is because that is how the rabbit breaths. They bathe themselves by grooming themselves with their paws and tough. A mother bunny can have up to 3-12 bunnies at on time. when a baby bunny is born its ears are down facing its feet, and when it grows up their ears start standing up.

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