Monday, April 28, 2014

My favorite season is summer, because of the nice weather. It's sometimes really warm out, that's when I go to the pool. When it is a little chilly, then I have friends over. When it is, rainy and cold out I play a board game. Another reason I like summer is that I go to my grandma's house for a month. When I get back from my grandma's house, it is really hot, so I can cool off a little. Sometimes, when it gets really hot out I go to Tropical snow. When I get board I got outside, and play with my kitty cats. On Friday, I go to my Nana's house, and spend time with her. My favorite thing to do in the summer, is spending time with my friend's. My best friend's name is Lauren, and I go to her house a lot in the summer! She is only 1 mile from my house, so at the end of the school year we ride bikes to school. She rides to my house, and then we go to school together. I just moved to town last year, because my parents got a divorce. We did live in the country with my mom and dad, and now the country house is my dad's. The town house is my mom's, so now I can ride anywhere I want. My mom got me a membership in the pool, so I can go to the pool every day without paying. Me, and my dad sometimes go fishing or boating. I go fishing I catch up to 20 fish. It can be really fun when my cousin comes along too. Last year my dad caught such a big fish he fell in the water with it. It was really funny he had moss all over his feet and he was really wet. That's what I do in summer!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Destiny Scott My Game

How To Play Hopscotch! Directions: Number of Players: Unlimited. Equipment: 1 piece of Chalk and 1 small rock. Object of the Game: Who can jump the most squares without falling over. Get Ready to Play. Write 1 medium square on your sidewalk with your chalk. Then draw 2 more squares connecting to the 1st one. Then do the process again until you have 10 squares. After you have 10 squares, write the numbers 1-10 in each box. Once you're are done with that decide who goes first. Play: Throw the rock when the rock has stopped moving start hopping through the square until you are at your rock. When you are at your rock pick up the rock.Then hop to the beginning and you're done.