Friday, January 17, 2014

Snow forts

Hi, my name is Destiny and I am in Mr. Puttman's fourth grade class. I am going to try to persuade you to my snow fort. I am also going to try to persuade you to not go to any one else's snow fort. Here's why you should come to my snow fort and not go to any one else's. We can fit about 30 people in our fort. On 2 of the sides it is 12 feet long. We may add a couch to our fort. Our snow fort is cool because our fort will be colorful, because we will add food coloring to the snow walls. The perimeter of our snow fort is 62 FT. and our area is 189 squared, and last but not least is the volume 1,122 cubed. That makes our snow fort better then any one else's. The design of our snow fort is a big box with notches all on the sides of it. There is also 2 snow couches and a snow table in our snow fort. There is zero rooms in our fort because it is just one big room. Our team work is the best part because we are all working together. Some people will build the walls and some other people will measure the sides. In, conclusion my group would hope you liked our ideas and come to our snow fort and not any one else's. The again, you should really come because you like it better then everyone else's! Our team is the best. Our fort is the biggest' so it can fit a bunch of people. We worked really hard and it took a lot of time so please come on by when you get the chance! Thank you!

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