Monday, May 26, 2014

Clear lake Aquatic Center

Clear Lake Aquatic Center:  Many people come to the Aquatic Center in the summer, because their, water slides,diving boards, and snack bar!  They also have a duck slide for toddlers, and a splash pad also for toddlers.  It is $3.50 if you are swimming,  $2.50 if non swimming and  free if 3 years and under.  Adult lap swim is $2.50 a person.  It opens Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend.  Monday-Thursday hours are 1:00 pm-8:30 pm, and  Friday-Sunday’s hours are 1pm-7pm.

The Clear Lake Aquatic Center has 2 slides, there is a   blue slide ( open),  and a red slide (enclosed).  You have to be 40 inch tall to ride the slides.  The pool also has 2 diving boards, the high dive and the low dive.  If you would like to do these you have to take the test, you swim across the pool and tread water for 30 seconds.  you only have to do that once a year until you're 11 years, you do not have to take the test.  

The depth of the water From the kitty part of the pool is 1 inch and the general part of the pool is 5 feet.  The slide water at the bottom is 4 feet,  and under the diving boards is 12 feet.  They usually have up to 10-15 lifeguards depending on how busy it is.  They have a locker room for men and women, with shower,toilets,and changing areas.  After every hour there is a 10 minute break where everyone has to get out.  This is when a lot of people go to the snack bar and grab something to eat or drink.

Talking Peet

Talking Peet:Once there was a puppy  named Peet, he was  walking by the movie theater, and suddenly one of the letters fell off of the billboard and hit Peet.  When suddenly peet  said ouch! Peet fell over and about fainted when he heard him self say that.  All the people around the movie theater said who was that?  Peet ran into the alley and dived into the dumpster, hiding from the people talking about him.
 Soon the word got out and everybody in town knew about this talking dog.  It was all over head lines in the newspaper and everyone was talking about it.  But poor Peet heard someone saying once they found him they were going to sell him for big bucks.   Peet shoved him more and more into the dumpster.    The next morning peet found himself in a giant cage with a lock on it.   He saw many different animals that he never seen before in this place, like yellow spotted peacocks,rainbow zebras, and even a  purple monkey!       
Then suddenly this girl in a black suit, started grabbing the cages and putting them in the back of her pickup.    Once everyone was loaded in the pickup, she took off.  The next thing they knew was they were in a beautiful room with bright colors and a sign said “ Free at last.”  The girl took of the black clothes and started looking at every animal there was.    She finally got to Peet and said “What do you do?”  Peet said I talk.  The lady fainted and fell over on the floor.    She finally woke and said you are very interesting, and she feed him some dog food and this started to happen every day.  Peet was the lady’s best friend, and they lived happily ever after.


Bunny: Bunnies are very interesting animals! There are many kinds of bunnies, the most common is the cottontail bunny. The cottontail bunny lives mostly outside, they eat grass,leaves,flowers,and nearby plants. The most common indoor bunny is the called a loop bunny because his ears hang down. The loop bunny eats many things from what the owner gives them like, Rabbit feed,vegetables,fruits,and other greens. Bunny’s fur can come in all colors like black,yellow,white,grey,silver,brown and even dark red. They have 2 front paws and 2 back paws, they have 5 nails on each paw to protect themselves and bath themselves too. Their back paws help them hop away really fast. The bunny’s tails are very stubby and fuzzy, the bunny’s tail is the same color as its body. Have you ever wondered why rabbits nose moves all the time, well it is because that is how the rabbit breaths. They bathe themselves by grooming themselves with their paws and tough. A mother bunny can have up to 3-12 bunnies at on time. when a baby bunny is born its ears are down facing its feet, and when it grows up their ears start standing up.

Cat's Meow

Cat’s Meow: Are your cats getting bored of old toys and don’t want to play with you? Well if they are then get cat’s Meow! It allows your cat to play when you are out of the house. It stays on up to 3 hours until it shuts off. It will entertain any of your furry feline from being a kitten to growing up in to a big cat. There can be up to 5 cats playing with it at one time. When you push the button at the top to turn it on and press it again to shut it off. The arm under the yellow sheet moves,there is a feather on the end of the stick so your cat will chase it. It will entertain any of your furry feline from being a kitten to growing up in to a big cat. But as soon as your cat gets close it moves, once your cat does that for a while it gets faster allowing your cat to have fun. Making your cat get curiously want to catch it. It is for cats with and without claws. It takes A A batteries that last up to 10 hours at a time before they die and you have to replace them. Your cats will go crazy for Cats Meow! No wonder this is the only toy they call be its name! It sits on the floor,cat hut,and flat surfaces where your cat can get to it. When you get done with it you fold up the yellow cloth and put it in the Cats Meow bag to store away for fun later. For the price of only 10.99!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

4th grade

Hi, my name is Destiny Scott and I am in fourth grade. There are many things I liked about fourth grade and many things I did not like so much. I can’t wait to move on to 5th grade, and meet all of my teacher and friends. I am also very excited for summer but I sure will miss fourth grade. My likes in school are seeing my friends because we can work on homework at study hall and play at recess. I also really like to see my teachers, they are really nice and I really like them. One of my favorite thing in school is learning about new things. When I am out of school I love to go to the pool, because it is a place to cool off when it is really hot outside. When the pool is closed I usually ride my bike around town to see everybody and everything. There also things I do not like about school like bullies, they can be really mean, my school is trying to stop it and now there are very little bullies in our school now. There is also a lot of talking during school and it can be really hard sometimes to hear the teacher talking. One thing I hate more then anything is homework, I do not like homework because sometimes it can be hard and I get frustrated fast. I do not like thing out of school like not being able to see all of my friends and teachers because I miss them when I don’t see them for a while. I hate bedtime because when it is really nice outside and I have to go inside I get mad because I can’t enjoy the outdoors. I really hope you liked my story. I also hope you learned a thing or 2 about me. Those were my likes and dislikes in and out of school. I hope next year is better than last year. I can’t wait to move on to 5th grade!

Friday, May 9, 2014


Animal Defenses

 All animals have defenses that protect themselves from other animals and the weather. I have chosen to write about the red fox and turtle. A fox and a turtle can be very different and very similar, but the one thing they have in common, is their ability to protect themselves from danger.  I hope you learn a thing or two from this story.
The fox curls up into a ball when it is cold.  He has thick fur that allows him to stay warm, even on the coldest nights.  It also has giant teeth that allows him to eat hard meat. The turtle  has a strong shell that shields it from predators. It  tucks itself in when he is frightened and scared.  Some also have very long and sharp claws to dig and fight.
The turtle and the fox are alike by they both tuck themselves in for protection.  The turtle uses his shell and the fox uses his fur. A turtle is different from a fox because a turtle goes into its shell, and a fox is different because he uses his fur.
 Well that is some information about animal defenses for the turtle and red fox.Thank you for reading and I hope you learned a thing or two from my story - Destiny

Monday, April 28, 2014

My favorite season is summer, because of the nice weather. It's sometimes really warm out, that's when I go to the pool. When it is a little chilly, then I have friends over. When it is, rainy and cold out I play a board game. Another reason I like summer is that I go to my grandma's house for a month. When I get back from my grandma's house, it is really hot, so I can cool off a little. Sometimes, when it gets really hot out I go to Tropical snow. When I get board I got outside, and play with my kitty cats. On Friday, I go to my Nana's house, and spend time with her. My favorite thing to do in the summer, is spending time with my friend's. My best friend's name is Lauren, and I go to her house a lot in the summer! She is only 1 mile from my house, so at the end of the school year we ride bikes to school. She rides to my house, and then we go to school together. I just moved to town last year, because my parents got a divorce. We did live in the country with my mom and dad, and now the country house is my dad's. The town house is my mom's, so now I can ride anywhere I want. My mom got me a membership in the pool, so I can go to the pool every day without paying. Me, and my dad sometimes go fishing or boating. I go fishing I catch up to 20 fish. It can be really fun when my cousin comes along too. Last year my dad caught such a big fish he fell in the water with it. It was really funny he had moss all over his feet and he was really wet. That's what I do in summer!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Destiny Scott My Game

How To Play Hopscotch! Directions: Number of Players: Unlimited. Equipment: 1 piece of Chalk and 1 small rock. Object of the Game: Who can jump the most squares without falling over. Get Ready to Play. Write 1 medium square on your sidewalk with your chalk. Then draw 2 more squares connecting to the 1st one. Then do the process again until you have 10 squares. After you have 10 squares, write the numbers 1-10 in each box. Once you're are done with that decide who goes first. Play: Throw the rock when the rock has stopped moving start hopping through the square until you are at your rock. When you are at your rock pick up the rock.Then hop to the beginning and you're done.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Snow forts

Hi, my name is Destiny and I am in Mr. Puttman's fourth grade class. I am going to try to persuade you to my snow fort. I am also going to try to persuade you to not go to any one else's snow fort. Here's why you should come to my snow fort and not go to any one else's. We can fit about 30 people in our fort. On 2 of the sides it is 12 feet long. We may add a couch to our fort. Our snow fort is cool because our fort will be colorful, because we will add food coloring to the snow walls. The perimeter of our snow fort is 62 FT. and our area is 189 squared, and last but not least is the volume 1,122 cubed. That makes our snow fort better then any one else's. The design of our snow fort is a big box with notches all on the sides of it. There is also 2 snow couches and a snow table in our snow fort. There is zero rooms in our fort because it is just one big room. Our team work is the best part because we are all working together. Some people will build the walls and some other people will measure the sides. In, conclusion my group would hope you liked our ideas and come to our snow fort and not any one else's. The again, you should really come because you like it better then everyone else's! Our team is the best. Our fort is the biggest' so it can fit a bunch of people. We worked really hard and it took a lot of time so please come on by when you get the chance! Thank you!