Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Thanksgiving

 On a crisp cold ThanksGiving morning I could smell the sweet smell of pumpkin pie just hot out of the oven.  Me and my dad could  smell the good smelling ham.  My mother had also came for ThanksGiving.  We all had the ThanksGiving party at my Dad's house so that there would be more room because my mom's house is very small.  Me and my dad played roof fall.  It is where my dad throws a ball on the roof and I have a laundry basket in my hands trying to catch it when the ball falls. My dad and me also play a game with stuffed sheep.You get a swirly chair, and you put a bunch of stuffed sheep and then you spin the chair and who ever is still on when the chair stops wins that round.  We watched some television before We took a nap.  We wanted to take a nap because we where so tired and stuffed we needed to lay down.  Our family go up and felt a little better about our self.  When we left 'I' was still stuffed and still tired.

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