Friday, October 25, 2013

to my suprise

My  grandma had got some new cats and i fell in love them .So I think my dad asked my grandma if he could have them.My grandma must of said yes.So my dad burst in the door with a paper bag he said he had supper in the bag.I asked my dad what was for supper so he put his long big hand in the paper bag and pulled out a big fluffy kitten.I yelled out with THANK YOU DADDY but he said don't thank me thank grandma. So I jumped up and grabbed the phone and called my grandma. Before she could even talk I yelled THANK YOU GRANDMA and I hung up.The rest of the day I played with my new kittens.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

child hood memories

When I was still in a cradle I had a thing on my cradle side and it made noises when you push a button.So I pushed the button for the first time and it scared me and I hit my head and I cried for a long time then my mother came and found me with a bump on my head.