Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Christmas story

Santa was busy, very busy.  He was in the middle of getting all the rain deer  ready.  You might not think it is hard but it is to Santa.  The elves were really  busy with all of the toys.  There was pushing and yelling and things falling over.  It was 2 days before Christmas and every body even Santa was very very busy.  The elves has not sleep in about 5 days trying to get all of it done.  It was now time for what every body had been waiting for.  It was finally Christmas!  The elves but the giant bag of toys on his slay and Santa thanked them for all there hard work and started calling.  ON DASHER AND DANCER ON PRANCER AND VIXEN!  ON COMET AND CUPID AND DONNER AND BLITZEN. They flew up with Rudolph in the lead.  As Santa left he called MERRY CHRISTMAS HOHOHO!  He was gone in about 2 sec.  All of the people left in the north pole were shouting  see you soon.  It was very fogy so good thing they had Rudolph or they would not have Christmas.  Santa was always ready for Christmas if he did not have Christmas then he would just be a jolly old man with a white beard.  He went over thousands of houses and schools in a flash.  He landed on a big old house got all of his toys and dropped  down the chimney.  He tiptoed in to the dinning room and there sat the Christmas tree.  He dropped the box of what they had wanted and shot back up the big brick chimney.  You may wonder how he dose in one night but he is Santa of course.  He headed to the  next house in his line.  It you ever see Santa when you get older then he will very kind like always.  That is my story of my Christmas.

Monday, December 16, 2013

A thing I have learned.

I first got my bike i when I was 7 years old and I had to have training weels or I would fall. So my dad tricked and said if you don't know how to ride my bike then all of these fairies would come and get me.but if I did know how to ride a bike then I could ride away from then.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Thanksgiving

 On a crisp cold ThanksGiving morning I could smell the sweet smell of pumpkin pie just hot out of the oven.  Me and my dad could  smell the good smelling ham.  My mother had also came for ThanksGiving.  We all had the ThanksGiving party at my Dad's house so that there would be more room because my mom's house is very small.  Me and my dad played roof fall.  It is where my dad throws a ball on the roof and I have a laundry basket in my hands trying to catch it when the ball falls. My dad and me also play a game with stuffed sheep.You get a swirly chair, and you put a bunch of stuffed sheep and then you spin the chair and who ever is still on when the chair stops wins that round.  We watched some television before We took a nap.  We wanted to take a nap because we where so tired and stuffed we needed to lay down.  Our family go up and felt a little better about our self.  When we left 'I' was still stuffed and still tired.

Friday, November 15, 2013

"Hi Destiny, How has your day been,?" Asked Aj.     " You look good today Aj" Said Destiny
Destiny said, "I like your shirt,." Asked Destiny     "What are you doing,?" Asked Jaden  

Friday, October 25, 2013

to my suprise

My  grandma had got some new cats and i fell in love them .So I think my dad asked my grandma if he could have them.My grandma must of said yes.So my dad burst in the door with a paper bag he said he had supper in the bag.I asked my dad what was for supper so he put his long big hand in the paper bag and pulled out a big fluffy kitten.I yelled out with THANK YOU DADDY but he said don't thank me thank grandma. So I jumped up and grabbed the phone and called my grandma. Before she could even talk I yelled THANK YOU GRANDMA and I hung up.The rest of the day I played with my new kittens.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

child hood memories

When I was still in a cradle I had a thing on my cradle side and it made noises when you push a button.So I pushed the button for the first time and it scared me and I hit my head and I cried for a long time then my mother came and found me with a bump on my head.

Friday, September 6, 2013

A fond memory

Well about a year ago my papa past away and ever since me and my mom moved into a new house.Every morning something has been moved in the basement and so I put a piece of paper and a pen down in the basement so the next morning there was a P then the next morning there is a A then the whole name said PAPA.I always got mad because my all the rest of my family had seen him in like the mirror or some were and so i thought  that was cool because he showed up the best in my house.

Friday, August 23, 2013

First week of school.

Well i think my first week of school has been awesome because i have a great teacher and i am loving 4th grade.It might be hard but hard is good because the harder it is the more you learn.So I hope it is good the rest of the year!     love Destiny